Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The World Will Have To Go To Hell In A Handbasket Without Me Today

Whose Birthday Is It?

It's MY birthday!!!
I'm going to bathe and email and eat fried oysters with a friend. I'm going to visualize driving in Houston Tx with an abandoned ease, because really, children do it all the time, right, and they are texting. I'm going to practice me some sign so this fellow won't be thinking I'm too dumb:

I'm going to practice A Course in Miracles. I am going to make me a doll.

If Blockbuster has disc 4 of Life, I'm going to spend the evening on the couch with a redhead. Some way rich dessert from Veronica's bakery may be involved.

Today...no headlines, not one P word.

I might just do it all over again tomorrow.


Mental P Mama said...

La Te Da Dee! Happy Birthday to you! I'll save you a seat in the handbasket if you ever want to climb back in. Although I wouldn't recommend it.

Keetha said...

Tra la la...happy birthday to you!I hope it's the birthdayiest of all birthdays!

The fried oysters, rich dessert, movie watching with your boyfriend...it all sounds lovely.

Enjoy your day - it's all about you.

Allyn Evans said...

Happy Birthday, Donna! And many more...

Mrs. G. said...

Happy Birthday!

Silver Solo said...

Inside every older person is a younger person -
wondering what the hell happened.
~Cora Harvey Armstrong

happy birthday and many more

tumbleweed said...

better late than not at all... hope you had a lovely birthday and filled it with all the things you'd planned

and now have another margarita just for luck and i'll have one with you on the other side of the whirled

(oh, and silversolo...that happens to be one of my favourite quotes)

Nicole said...

Oh pooh...I've gone and plumb forgotten your birthday. I am utterly ashamed. =( I hope you got to do all of those things.
Happy late wishes of gratefulness for your lovely life and your lovely friendship! =)