Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Multiple Choice

From the archives...I am thinking this was in the last century, 1989 or 91--true life annals or personality quiz?

                                          ONE OF THOSE DAYS IN NOVEMBER


            You have worked really hard at your job, putting in overtime and assuming additional responsibilities. Your willingness to work and your dedication to your job is not reflected in your pay. When your boss wants to lecture on responsibility, he will call you and another higher-paid, nail-polishing, checkbook balancing, early-leaving employee into his office and say he depends on the two of you to cover all bases. For your response choose one of the following:

A. You pick up the marble dolphin and bludgeon him to death, knowing the severest charge they might convict you on is involuntary manslaughter.

B.     You thank your boss graciously for enlightening you on professional ethics and responsibilities, and throw yourself into your job with renewed vigor, hoping to prove yourself capable.

C.     You speak casually of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. 

D.    You develop a headache, go home, work on your resume, and drop by the local Wal-mart for a supply of fingernail polish.          


Keetha said...

Man, I love answer A. although D. is probably more true to what I'd actually do.

Nicole said...

I'll go for the non sequitur....C please!

However, I would add E. Begin making a point to find ways to encourage the other better paid employee to engage by suddenly forgetting how to do everything and asking her as often as possible how to do your job again because you know she's so much better at it....

"How do you do that again? My stars, I just don't think I'm doing it right (or well enough(!