Monday, December 17, 2007


We have been eating out one night a week at La Piñata for years…even before the waiters learned English, when we would be amused at what their translation of our order would bring us. Recently the Margarita Grill opened two blocks down the street from La Piñata. I stopped by for a menu which does not offer much more than La Piñata’s basic fare. My husband has elected not to try the new restaurant. While we could use a new restaurant in town, he thinks our town is too small for two restaurants serving the same kind of food, and he will be loyal to our restaurant, with our waiters.

Last night he asked Antonio if the new restaurant had cut into their business. Some, Antonio said, and asked if we had eaten there. No, I said, and asked if he had. Yes, he said.

That’s when it occurred to me…in Mexico, most of the restaurants are probably Mexican. Antonio may not feel the same sense of redundancy we do.


Keetha said...

I'm laughing as I'm typing. That's great.

I had wondered where your boyfriend's loyalties would lie (lay?).

Mrs. G. said...

Ha! Very astute, my dear woman. But I just might sneak over there and try it.