Monday, January 21, 2008

In Form Life the Good Stuff Is Always Measured in Dog Years

Last night’s Netflix offering: Peter Cushing as Van Helsing in Hammer’s The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires, vintage 1974.

He: I wonder what happened to Peter Cushing. He was looks like he was in his 40s in the 60s, and looks like he was in his 70s in the 70s.

Me: (so I had the computer open…hard as it is to believe, even Kung Fu vampires from the premier British producer of cheesey horror don’t capture my complete attention, therefore I can check Wikipedia very quickly.)

Wikipedia: Peter Cushing (May 26, 1913-August 11, 1994) “In 1971, Cushing withdrew from the film Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb when his wife died. …He and actress Helen Beck had been married since 1943. The following year, he was quoted in the Radio Times as saying, “Since Helen passed on I can’t find anything; the heart, quite simply, has gone out of everything. Time is interminable, the loneliness is almost unbearable….”

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