Saturday, January 12, 2008

cat's pajamas

For those of you who still eat from the forbidden food group Cheese: Halloumi—a Cypriot sheep’s cheese, slightly salty with a high melting point. You can fry it. My meat-allergic husband thinks it’s the perfect food.

Personally? Halloumi is pretty darn good, but if I’m going to sin, I choose a plate full of cornmeal-breaded fried catfish with a side order of turnip greens. Caught, cooked and cleaned up by someone else.


Keetha said...

New one for Keetha. I've never heard of Halloumi. But it sounds like I need to check it out.

Camellia said...

Halloumi. You can't get it around here; our little Arabic cafe folks sold us some. We are going to try to order it off the net. If we do, I'll order you some.