Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Great Ideas But Short Attention Span


Will She Ever Finish Painting Upstairs?


I Was Working: The Phone Rang

and ones contributed by the Baboo of the Comfy Chair:

Get the f_ck off my lawn.

and two for our friend, the guy who woos women, gets them pregnant, marries them, and never hits a lick at a snake ever after:

The prince of nothing you want.

I have three billion secret admirers.


Mrs. G. said...

What a beautiful video.

suburban kamikaze said...

I love this. Can't say why.


Nicole said...

I heard about this book. I think it is way cool, and I loved the video version of the quotations (those were on the website for the book I think)!!!

But this...
"never hits a lick at a snake"?

Translate please, I'm a Yankee girl.

Camellia said...

Never hit a lick at a's a southernism, meaning he was so lazy he would even let a snake bite him rather do something about it.

Nicole said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh! Awesome. I think that surpasses, "S/he didn't have the sense God gave the earthworm."

Cronqvist said...

"Should have seen that one coming."

I loved the video, and I loved the book. Might as well buy it!

Silver Solo said...

this was fun to watch. thanks for putting it up.