Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Blow Out

One reason why wearing underpants might be a good idea:

You discover your old, scruffy, soft, baggy around-the-house pants have split in the back from waist band to crotch only after you’ve leisurely strolled your dogs around your Rated-G neighborhood with the day-care center on the far corner.

The upside of going pantiless:

your beloved husband points out big white granny panties might have been a lot more obtusive than your demurely flesh-tinted nether cheeks.

The moral:

If you show your ass, it's good to be lucky in love.


Anonymous said...

oh my!

Mental P Mama said...

I love him;)

Pamela said...

Awesome story. I lucked out. Too bad you don't really know that for sure until several years down the road.

Nicole said...

I love how your mind works.

This is just one of those amazing, "all the ocean in one drop" kinds of observations you make!

LOVE this. =)