Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is It All About Me?

My neighbors have a sun room they use as a t.v. room, with deep sofas and a comfy chair, and that big screen television facing the street. Several mornings ago I noted they had covered the street window with heavy, light-proof least the industrial-looking lining seems that way. For the life of me I can not fathom why they would cut themselves off like that. They've lived there for several years, and I walk my dog on the sidewalk next to the house twice a day, and in all these years, though I've looked every time, I'ved never spotted a person in that room even once.


Pamela said...

Our neighbor across the street have a giant TV that faces the street and a filmy lace curtain so we can always see what they're watching. I'm more secretive than that.

Also, nice to see you here again:-)

Keetha said...

Of course it's all about you.

Don't you wonder now what they're up to?

Amy said...


I've taken to using the sideways smiley as a frequent comment lately. Is it because I'm lazy? Probably because I don't have anything great to add but want people to know I like their posts.