Monday, September 21, 2009

Still We Try

from the quote archives

Mr. Raney named the porpoises—Sister Woman, and Renford, and Lamar, and St. Elmo—and could recognize them, and call each by its name, even at night, six feet long some of them, with a million sharp teeth and a naughty grin. Often when he floated past in the boat and watched their playful wheeling, in and out among the cypress knees, he called out to them, “Lamar, we are all alone in the world.” Or “Renford, cork is an export of India!”

The echoes of his voice across the wide water of the bayou was like a heartbreaking song, a music of the swamp.

Hydro said, one time, many times, “Do they understand what you tell them?”

Mr. Raney said, each time. “Nobody knows.”

Lewis Nordan, Music of the Swamp


AngelMc said...

i'm trying to think what i talk to...the dogs. does that count?
it does not make any sense to love two dogs as much as i do cici and gingin.
is that crazy?

india said...

my cows love cordial conversation

Keetha said...

No one knows if they do but what's the harm in it?

amy said...

I mutter things to myself. I'm not sure I understand what I tell me half the time ;-)

I lost your email when I deleted my blog accounts. I miss "chatting" with you--email me (if you like) at my regular address--