Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Theology On the Way Home from La Piñata or A Little Tap Dancing to A Course in Miracles

she: How do you change your mind? She had been thinking about a situation she wished had ended differently, about feelings that, if she followed them, could be hard or sad.

What do you believe? What do you know?

she: I don’t know anything.

he: You’re on your way, then.


he: And if you don’t like what you believe, believe something else.


Mental P Mama said...

He is smart;)

Keetha said...

He IS smart. Thank goodness you pass along those gems to the rest of us.

Allyn Evans said...

I love this one!

Anonymous said...

Exactly. A belief is just something you keep repeating to yourself, over and over, as Abraham points out. So you can believe anything. And once you believe it, it really is true, in exactly the way everything else it true.