Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Match Made in Heaven?-or- Is It True, When You Live Together Long Enough, Your Brains Look Alike?


I: Last night I dreamed of a red hibiscus.

He: Last night I dreamed of a red hibiscus.


when he was working too hard, too long, the children had driven him crazy, and he stormed upstairs, leaving me standing with my eyes closed and head bowed in our tiny kitchen:

I, thinking: Dear Lord Almighty, he needs to get a life.

feet thundering on the stairs, through the dining room, butler's pantry, into the tiny kitchen, he grabs me by my shoulders, looks into my eyes, and says: I NEED TO GET A LIFE.


(while watching Cube Zero ):

I think: This is Lost without the airplane.

He says: This is Lost, only with cubes.


I: Look at this website.

He: She seems to be having a good time with her blog.

I: She makes me laugh. I want to write funny like her. I think: except I can’t, I’m too damned sincere.

He: You can’t. You’re too sincere.


BipolarLawyerCook said...

I like my complementary half. I am glad you have one too.

Nicole said...

Ah love....I love you guys! You give me hope.

big, big, big, long time no see hugs!

Mrs. G. said...

Who cares. If it ain't broke...

Yes, Bossy is a keeper.

tumbleweed said...

...the only time i hear echoes like that is when i'm on my own...

Mary Alice said...

Hummmm....I was thinking about Bossy's writing the other day too. Wishing I could be crazy and take a road trip, but I realized I am too uptight. I would worry, all the what ifs. It wouldn't be me. But I'm glad for Bossy and I'm sure there is a place for everyone else too - the sincere ones and the anal retentive ones. It's fine.