Monday, March 17, 2008

Pets Like Us

A couple of nights ago, the inside kitty was accidently left on the porch with the outside kitties. My husband let her in when he got up, and though she badly needed rest, instead of sleeping she had to roam the house for an hour, wailin' and bitchin' at the top of her lungs, telling on us first.

Last night in the bout of dogs waking me up, dogs off the bed, dogs on the bed, dogs off the bed, I stepped on the Alpha Princess's tail just as she was poised to soar back onto the bed. I stepped off before the tail was pulled, but it threw her off her mark, she hit the top an inch too low and thudded onto the floor on her side. I picked her up and put her in bed, and she lay there, breathing heavily. This morning she would not attempt the jump onto our very low couches, she was that sure her bounding-tall-buildings power was broken.


Nicole said...

Oh me oh my.

Wailin' and bitchin' kitty kat and disempowered pup...what a Monday mornin'!

Hopefully the princess is just scared and you can coach her back into fearless leaps and bounds soon.

I think somebody stepped on my tail a long, long time ago and didn't bother to coach me back from the fear place. Just now figuring out how to be brave again all on my own. *sigh*

Silver Solo said...

pets can keep us so busy it makes you wonder how you can squeeze an emotion in sideways to feel sorry for yourself. people who don't have pets just don't understand what clowns they are and in addition to their keeping our minds off ourselves, they bring a unique sense of humor to the table with their show-stopping antics.

Mrs. G. said...

Cats just don't put up with much crap, do they? Mine always have to let me know when they have experienced an injustice.