Sunday, November 4, 2007


After the stove-top biscuits, I talked to my appliance repairman, making sure it’s in our best financial interest to have him make a service call for a gas stove that’s at least twenty-years-old. Try lighting the pilot with a match, he said. I tried. It worked, and so the non-lighting pilot is easily repairable and the stove still serviceable.

Here’s the deal. I could have made the biscuits in twenty minutes in the stove, after all, by lighting the pilot on my own. 45 minute biscuits on top of the stove: genius or lack of imagination?

At any rate, I do have the gas stove and apparently will have for a while. If the electricity goes out I can light my stove eyes with a match, but cannot light the pilot on the oven (the oven needs the click click click that only electric juice can provide)….so, if we have an ice storm or wind damage to the electrical lines, I CAN MAKE BISCUITS ON THE STOVE EYE.

So maybe the slow biscuits are merely experience, which often looks like genius to the uninitiated.

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