Thursday, November 1, 2007

This Is So Not My Century

so, I got this picture (is that an avatar?) on my profile...but my profile does not show up on my blog(s).

so, I signed up for NaBloPoMO, do I direct folks here, to my blog, and also get my cute button?

and I gotta wash the dishes.

this does, too, count for a post.

POSTDATE: I DID IT!!!! Now off to learn rocket sciencetry.
Hint for the day: My Learning Process
Try, fail, try, fail, call your friends, get them confused, try, fail, wring your hands, whine a lot, try again, call you friends again, get them more confused, try, succeed...Wait...that worked???!!!! oh, those dishes....
and stay tuned tomorrow for the credit card embraglio.
and why did my enter bar quit working in the middle of this post?

Hey...I fixed the double space deal by looking at the html. Imagine that. Rocket sciencetry here I comeeeeeeeeeeee

1 comment:

Keetha said...

Congrats! Yea you! Where's the ticker tape parade? I think it took me several days to get the little picture where I wanted it.